Amadigi di Gaula

Nicola Francesco Haym
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Amadigi di Gaula

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Title: Amadigi di Gaula Amadis of Gaul
Author: Nicola Francesco Haym
Release Date: January 1, 2006 [EBook #17440]
Language: Italian and English
Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1

Produced by Louise Hope, Paul Murray and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at (This file was produced from images generously made available by the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF/Gallica) at

[Transcriber's Note: Some typographical errors have been corrected, while others were left in their original form. Details are given at the end of the file.]
* * * * *
As it is perform'd at the King's Theatre
in the _Hay-Market_.
_LONDON:_ Printed for Jacob Tonson, at _Shakespear's-Head_ over-against _Catherine-Street_ in the Strand. 1715.
* * * * *
To the Right Honourable RICHARD, Earl of Burlington and Corck, Baron Clifford of Landesbrough, & c.
My Duty and Gratitude oblige me to give this Publick Testimony, of that Generous Concern Your Lordship has always shown for the promoting of Theatrical Musick, but this Opera more immediately claims Your Protection, as it is compos'd in Your own Family.
The particular Encouragement you have given to the liberal Arts, not only shows the Delicacy of Your Taste, but will be a Means to Establish them in this Climate, and Italy will no longer boast of being the Seat of Politeness, whilst the Sons of Art flourish under Your Patronage.
Your Lordship indeed has distinguished Your self this way, and every Science has raised it self under Your Auspicious Bounty. So true a Notion of Merit, and so nice a Discernment of what is Curious, is but rarely found among Persons of an advanced Age; but You my Lord, by an uncommon Felicity of Genius, do even in the Bloom of Youth make Your Entrance in the World with the most refin'd Taste and mature Judgment.
But I fear the Pleasure I take in Recounting Your Excellent Qualities will make me commit an Involuntary Errour, and that I shall be thought Troublesome, when I only designed to show with how much Respect I am,
_My LORD,_ _Your Lordship's most Humble, _most Obliged, and most _Faithful Servant,_
John James Heidegger.
* * * * *
Dramatis Person?
Amadigi di Gaula Eroe, amante di Oriana.
Amadis of Gaul, a famous Heroe, in love with Oriana.
Sig. Cav. Nicolino Grimaldi.
Dardano, Prencipe di Tracia.
Dardanus, Prince of Thracia.
Sig. Diana Vico.
Oriana, Figlia del' Rè dell' Isole fortunate.
Sig. Anastasia Robinson.
Oriana, Daughter of the King of the Fortunate Islands.
Mrs. Anastasia Robinson.
Melissa, Maga Amante Di Amadigi.
Sig. _Elisabetta Pilotta Schiavonetti, di S.A.R. la Principessa di Galles_.
Melissa, an Enchantress, in love with Amadis.
Sig. Elizabetta Pilotta Schiavonetti, Servant to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales.
* * * * *
Amadigi di Gaula.
Amadis of Gaul.
* * * * *
Giardino di Melissa.
SCENE _Melissa_'s Garden.
Amadigi, e Dardano.
Amadis and Dardanus.
Or' che di negro Ammanto E' ricoperto il Cielo, e ogn' un' riposa Prencipe andiamo, oue l'honor c'Invita; Abbandoniam' queste incantate Soglie, Che già troppo contrarie Furo' alla gloria mia, ed' al' mio Amore.
Now that the Heav'ns with sable Veil Are cover'd close, and all Mankind repose, Prince, let us go, where Honour us invites; Let us abandon this enchanted Place, Which too averse already hath prov'd Both to my Glory, and my Love.
Già d' Amadigi il nome Fa' incredibil' le proue Della forza dell' braccio, e del' valore: Dopo tante vittorie Tempo è dunque che ascolti, Della vaga Melissa Gl' Innamorati pianti. Mira; come qui ride il fiore; e come Verdeggia il prato; e Limpido il ruscello, Qui come inriga il suolo: Tutto con l'arti sue forma d'Incanti, Per piacere à tè Sol', che sei sua vita.
The Name of Amadis already makes Incredible, th' amazing Proofs As well of Valour as of Strength of Arm: After so many Victories obtain'd 'Tis also time to lend an Ear To beautiful _Melissa_'s Sighs, And listen to her kind Complaints. See how the Flow'rs seem all to smile, How green the Meadows, and how clear the Streams Which seem to water all the pleasant Ground: All this she forms by her enchanting Arts, You, only you, to please, who are her Life.
Più cerca ella piacermi, io più la sprezzo.
The more she strives to please, the more I her despise.
Ingrato dunque sei.
The more ungrateful you.
Mira; e poi dimmi Ingrato: [Gli mostra il ritratto di Oriana. Mira questi colori, Che non sono ch' un' ombra al' par del' giorno, E dì, se posso oh' Dio, Per Melissa Lasciar, l'Idolo mio?
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