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opera mini mod Russian java app free download

game pic for opera mini mod Russian Name - opera mini mod Russian
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 257 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 64 ratings
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Ver v3.10 english, for symbianos s60 java

Russian mod version of the popular Opera Mini with file manager, download files on the protocol HTTP, client FTP, clipboard, multi-page mode, loading color schemes.

Changelog from version 2.6
Version 3.10 is based on the official version hifi v.3.1.10423 dated 29.02.2008 and contains virtually all functions of the latest update 2.07 (of.versiya v.2.0.4509 dated 04.07.2006).
This version has a 3.1 number, taken from the base and 0 as podversiyu, because and a test base for the whole (future?) line 3.xx.
Options saved pages, backup from earlier versions are not suitable.
Watch for proper installation date and time on the phone, otherwise, the server will refuse to you in the opening pages with the message: "Error checking server certificate. Check set the date on your device.."

09.05.08 audible warning to describe and ftp. At each model predustanovki will be heard in!
04.05.08 After the search, found the text stands out on the page. Color added to the color scheme.
01.05.08 In the history of visited pages are sorted by date of last visit. Packaging date depends on jackdaw Svorachivat content. In navigation can be configured to include the preservation of only the most recent visit, for once.
29.04.08 Support reading pages saved versions 2.xx.
23.04.08 Galka for involuntary buffer to describe the devastation and ftp while writing to the disk. For Sagem necessarily to be included.
23.04.08 The menu windows (panels) added a transition to a previous window (panel).
22.04.08 Peredelan upload files - the file is not stored in the body of the page (but allowable size send files have not increased particularly). Photographs from the camera, are still in the body.
19.04.08 File manager has two panels with separate ways. Switching between the panels through the navigation menu. Number panel indicated on the upper kerb before showing the way.
18.04.08 Selection permission for the snapshot camera.
12.04.08 For models with touch screens in the context menu commands added to emulate and pressing # *, for use in hot, which then can select the pop-up window. (18.04.08 Ubrana pause in 1.5 seconds in emulation pressing # * in the context menu)
The possibility of preserving 10.04.08 page where an error when parsing, for transmission to me If the page does not have a menu for choosing conservation, then put the pages on the preservation of hot.
10.04.08 At # 1 and to open links in the window, address links added to the box address.
7.04.08 http-proxy for the opening pages. It works only for protocol http.
7.04.08 C Names and adding servers OM.
In FTP file names added to convert to / from CP-1251, for servers working in such encoding.
In FTP show hidden files on the server depends on jackdaw "Hidden Files" in the file manager.
When creating or renaming a folder in bookmarks, with the name, existing in the current directory, the new name is added to the [number].
Included ban following links are already in the running task of opening the page in a panel program. Done well, because the outgoing and incoming packets encrypted with the code, changing in real time.

08.05.08 Galka in the allocation of text found throughout the current panel.
05.05.08 Changed way adding hot, now old plants should not be discharged if it was only in hot appendix.
05.05.08 In hot added left and right software. Nominating hot for these functions should be without[*] and [#], otherwise will not work.
05.05.08 When importing colors from previous versions of the tool.
05.05.08 Selection of original text, it was on all pages in the current panel.
02.05.08 Increased maximum cache and history.
01.05.08 Separate fields for sorting file and FTP - managers.
30.04.08 Key mkey key codes available through the Help menu-Hot-button-mkey.