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Category - communication
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 1688 KB
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Ver 3.2.0, for Android OS 1.6 and up

Send & receive texts on your computer – just like on your Android phone.
Send & receive all your texts on your notebook, computer and tablet – just like on your smartphone.
Install mysms and you’ll be able to:
★ Send and receive text messages, pictures and files on your computer
★ Automatically sync all texts on your smartphone, tablet and computer
★ Text other mysms users for free
No more annoying “typing” on your smartphone! Leave your mobile phone in your pocket and write your text messages on your computer – it’s much easier and faster on a normal keyboard. Anywhere, anytime: mysms works with all currently available browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.).

Why you should be using mysms:
USE IT ON YOUR SMARTPHONE OR USE IT ON THE WEB: Send and receive text messages on your smartphone AND on the internet. When you use mysms, you always have access to your messages and your contacts – it doesn’t matter if you’re currently on your PC, Mac, netbook, iPad or Android tablet.
FREE TO FRIENDS: If a contact also uses mysms, you can text each other for free using mysms friends. The application automatically recognises if a contact uses mysms – mysms friends is then automatically selected for sending the text.
SENT FROM YOUR NUMBER: Unlike many other apps, when you send a text message using mysms your number appears as the sender. Your contacts can easily see that the text message is from you regardless whether you sent the message from your smartphone or your computer.
NEVER LOSE TEXTS: Your texts are automatically backed up and kept in sync via the mysms cloud. If something happens to your smartphone and you get a new one, you can easily download all your messages back onto your new smartphone.
SENDING PICTURES AND FILES: A picture is worth a thousand words! With mysms you can share your happiest moments with your family and friends. Also, sending all other kinds of files, like videos, pdf-files or word documents sized 10 MB or less, is mere child’s play.
THERE’S MORE: Send to groups, text widgets, SMP popup, application styles and themes, automatic signature addition…

If you have installed GoSMS, this can lead to syncing problems.
Here’s how to solve the problem:
Start GoSMS on your Android phone, select Menu - Settings - Advanced - Receive Settings and deactivate “Disable other message notifications”.

We’re always happy to hear from you! Do you have a suggestion? A question? A problem using the application? Just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Please note that we can’t reply to comments left on the Android Market.
You can reach us on Facebook at, Twitter @mysmscom and Google+
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