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mig33 high speed java app free download

game pic for mig33 high speed Name - mig33 high speed
Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 171 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 65 ratings
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Ver v4.05, for J2ME

Join the world's best mobile chat service. Millions & Millions of users, Hundreds of thousands of fun chatrooms, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, GTalk, emoticons, profiles, photos, themes, email, calls, SMS & more! Works on over 2000 handsets.
Ultra Compatible
A small 171kb application, this is one of the most compatible mobile applications around. It’s ultra light and works on over 2,000 handsets include Java (J2ME), Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
Hundreds of thousands of chat rooms!
Our chat rooms are different, with rich emoticons (send smiley faces and picture expressions) and emotes (test emoticons where eg. typing'/Flirt tina' results in a text saying 'flirts with Tina'.
Voting and kicking are also hugely popular, where if you don't like someone in a chat room, initiate to kick to get votes to kick them out! Use chat rooms to meet new people and you can also create your own to chat with a close group of friends.
So many IMs!
Chat with friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk and mig33 all at once, on your mobile. And even express yourself with different emoticons and emotes too!
Cheap Calls
By joining mig33 for free, you say goodbye to international calling cards and punching in annoying serial numbers. You can make low-priced calls to any phone anywhere in the world with your mobile or computer! For example, call India from the US for 5 cents/minute
NEW: Theme and Languages!
Customise with our new themes and put a fresh face on your mig33 experience. And now mig33 is available in more languages: Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Indonesian and Simplified Chinese.
NEW: Updates!
Now you can keep your friends in the loop with what you are up to all the time, with status updates and new and improved profile pages.
Free Credits!
We even give you free credits when you first join mig33, and for each friend you successfully refer to mig33! Spend your credits on calls, SMS, chatroom ‘kicks’, emoticons, wallpapers, ringtones and more! Simply select ‘Invite’ from the mig33 menu!
Download mig33 today by either going to on your mobile browser or by scrolling below.