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game pic for kd player Name - kd player
Category - business
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver v0.9.6, for j2me

KD Player is a free J2ME based audio player created by Russiandeveloper Knyzhov Dmitry. It is designed for mobile phones running Operating System Embedded platforms. The program can playback audio files that are supported by the phone model, most commonly mp3 and wav files which the program fully supports. Playback options include Play, Volume Control, Fast Forward, Rewind, Shuffle and two Repeat modes (playlist repeat and single track repeat). In addition KD Player supports full reading of ID3-tag data and the sorting of tracks by album, artist or track title. The user can specify which folders on your mobile phone to scan which includes scanning the phone's in built memory or memory card. KD player stores the scanned folders in a music library from which the user can read and create playlists and similarly create bookmarks to audio files. Unlike the Walkman player found on specific Sony Ericsson phone models, within KD Player the user must manually update the music library after changes to the list of audio files on the phone have been made, such as newly added or removed audio tracks. KD Player also supports reading of album art from a folder or a files embedded art and supports the changing of the player's visual look by the use of skins.
The skins for KD Player have shown that the album art can be made bigger depending on the skin's layout.

[0.9.6 fixes]
1. Added icons in the menu to the music library
- To install the icons on a change of skin developed by the tag "icons", which shows their image. (example: file icons.png archive applications);
2. Added reading tags, bitrate and Rate for the WMA-file;
3. Added a separator in the music library for a list of playlists and avtopleylistov;
4. Added paragraph "Information on the skin"
- Used to display information about the author skin, date, etc.;
5. Added auto-hide the command "Go in the music library;
6. Added automatic shift in the file manager to the choice of drive, if the folder containing the music has been removed or changed
- You do not have to click the "Back" to exit from non-existing folder;
7. Fixed a work team avtopleylista conservation;
8. Corrected opening files with the extension in the upper register for some phones
- Platform UIQ 3.0 is not open files with the extension ". MP3", ". WMA", etc. Now it is rectified.

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corePlayer_240x320_Skin_KDPlayer.rar ( 111.94K )