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iSyncr WiFi Add-On android apk free download

game pic for iSyncr WiFi Add-On Name - iSyncr WiFi Add-On
Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 1003 KB
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Ver v1.4.3, for Android

Overview: Break free of the cable and sync with iTunes wirelessly.
Tired of plugging your phone in everyday to sync with iTunes? Break free of the USB cable and turn your phone into a wireless iPod with iSyncr WiFi.

Go beyond just automatically and wirelessly syncing music with these additional syncing features:
- Create Live Lists on your phone for a smart playlist experience anywhere
- Automatically or manually wirelessly sync your music and videos
- Include album art with your music to enjoy on your phone
- Sync your ratings and playcounts between iTunes and your phone to keep your smart playlists up to date
- Sync Amazon MP3 downloads on your phone back to your iTunes library
- Upload photos taken on your phone back to your computer
- Upload videos taken on your phone back to your computer
- Sync with multiple iTunes Libraries

* Requires iTunes
* Requires purchase of iSyncr
* Does not remove copy protection

Note: This app will not remove copy protection from your music but will alert you to which songs/videos will not play on your device.