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game pic for WorkoutTimer Name - WorkoutTimer
Category - misc.
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 83 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 11 ratings
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Ver v1.2.1, for j2me

WorkoutTimer is an application for mobile phone that helps you to keep time for yourself while working out at the gym or home.
You may find it very useful for:

* boxing/martial arts
* tabata intervals
* circuit training
* stretching
* weightlifting
* running/sprinting
* cardio/aerobic training
* yoga

WorkoutTimer transforms your mobile phone into a user friendly timer:

* visible countdown with big numbers
* different ringing sounds with phone vibration
* phone backlight tuning
* quick and easy configure

All these options make your mobile phone an advanced sport watch, ideal for personal or gym use.

Main WorkoutTimer benefits:

* Focus on your workout, don't care about the time
* Timer is always with you in your mobile
* Plan your workout and rest duration
* Avoid distractions
* Take advantage of interval training