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Wayfinder Earth java app free download

game pic for Wayfinder Earth Name - Wayfinder Earth
Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 351 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 49 ratings
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SonyEricsson k800

Do you want to find your way around the globe? Want to experience how it feels to
have the world in your hands? With the power of map provider Tele Atlas, Wayfinder brings the whole world to the tip of your fingers right down to your mobile phone. Search the globe and find your spot right in the world. - Free of charge.

Experience a 3 dimensional globe and zoom into your neighbourhood. Find hotels, restaurants, bars and much more. With Wayfinder Earth Beta you will always find
the right way. Thanks to mobile Internet you will have great access to maps all over the globe without occupying a lot of memory space in your mobile phone.

The world in your phone - for free!

Wayfinder Earth brings you current and regularly updated maps to your mobile phone, for Europe and North America all the way down to street level. Zoom in any location on the planet and get an overview of New York or of the surroundings of the Niagara falls!

Explore the world - around two million POIs for free!

Search amongst around two millions of Points of Interest such as restaurants, hotels, museums, nightlife and much, much more.

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