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TrekBuddy java app free download

game pic for TrekBuddy Name - TrekBuddy
Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 257 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 76 ratings
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Ver v0.9.8, for J2ME 240x320

t features capabilities such as:
GPS tracking and simple navigation
bitmap maps (without zoom, you can store bitmap maps with different resolution instead)
arrange maps as atlas for increasing and decreasing resolution
trackloging in NMEA or GPX format
compas screen (HPS)
cockpit screen (CMS)
location sharing via SMS with other trekbuddies
and more.

It supports most commonly used map projections and grids, such as
Transverse Mercator
Universal Transverse Mercator
Swedish Grid
British National Grid
Irish Grid
Swiss Grid
Lambert France I-IV
as well as custom datums.

As a location source
bluetooth or serial port GPS
internal (integrated) GPS
NMEA file
O2 Germany network
may be used.

      - new: satelite(s) info with Internal provider - quality and verity depends on device/vendor Wink
      - fixed: UTM-based grids coordinates display shift problem
      - fixed: BNG grid coordinate display error
      - fixed: saving comments in wpts gpx files (TB could not read wpt comments from its own files)
      - fixed: grid coordinates in CMS
      - improved: touchscreen handling (single tap vs still press) - it was impossible to pinpoint a pixel on a map
      - fixed: GPSka maps compatiblity