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Tree Height Measurement android apk free download

game pic for Tree Height Measurement Name - Tree Height Measurement
Category - education
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.0 Eclair
Size - 95 KB
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Ver 1.07, for Android OS 2.0 - 3.1

This app can be used to estimate tree height. The quality of your measurement depends on your Android device and on how well you can hold the device in your hand. The app does not replace a professional height meter. It is made for quick height estimation of trees. In addition forestry students can use it to become accustomed to measuring tree heights.
Usage: Start the app and choose one of the two measuring methods. For method 3Winkel (3 angles) you have to put a marker on the tree or set a pole next to the tree. The marker or the pole should reach relatively high from the ground. Measure the height of the marker or the length of the pole and add the value to the edit field of the app (see also settings). Then find a spot where you can see and measure the tree. Hold your Android device (telephone or whatever), so that you can aim with eye over the long narrow side the target. Measure the tree tip, the marker (pole) and the tree base. Your measurement will be recorded if you touch the screen below the text. If you make a mistake just cycle through the measurement and start again.
For the method E+2Winkel (distance plus 2 angles) you have to measure or estimate the distance to the tree. This can be achieved by tape or by counting step length. Add the distance to the edit field of the app and start measuring the tree tip and base like it was described before.
You can change the settings by pressing the Android menu button of your device in the main screen of the map. Choosing Hilfe (help) you will see this text. Selecting Settings you can individually set the language, the preferred method of measurement, the preset distance and height of the marker. The settings are saved on your sdcard in the directory /ftools and the file bhmsettings.dat. In order to make use of your individual settings, your will need to close the app after saving the settings. You can close the app from the menu if you selecet beenden (exit).
Please consider: 1.) Measuring hardwoods you should slightly aim through the crown to hit the tip. 2.) For all measurements you have to keep the eye in the same position. So do not move your head. 3.) The distance from the tree should be close to tree height. 4.) on a hill side it is better to measure at the same elevation as the tree. 5.) It is complicated to measure in stormy weather. 6.) When touching the Android screen for measurement, avoid movement. 7.) You will need to see the tree well. Measure the tree from different directions
Keywords: Forestry, Tree Height