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game pic for Super Ruler Free Name - Super Ruler Free
Category - lifestyle
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 1607 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 9 ratings
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Ver 1.55, for Android OS 1.6 and up

SuperRuler is a totally requisite for your Android Phone!
Super Ruler advanced version:
The old version of Super Ruler owns several functions like Ruler, Diagonal ruler, Protractor and Distance Measurement). Besides, the new version adds other three new functions, Level Measurement, Vertical Measurement and Cross Vertical Measurement. And you can find the Distance Measurement function easier to use and the measuring result more accurate.

The added functions:
1.Level Measurement
Use this function to examine everything like your flooring to see whether it is level.
2.Vertical Measurement
A vertical which is always plumb to the ground help you to check everything you want to.
3.Cross Vertical Measurement
The two mutually perpendicular lines help you to adjust everything like oil painting to be upright.

The Distance Measurement function:
The process of the distance measurement is much easier and accurate in the new Super Ruler. If you want to know the height of something or the distance between you and something, Super Ruler can reach your goal with only three steps.