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Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - android
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Ver 2.3.6, for Android

Overview: Sign is a speed-dialer for the touch-screen age. Call or text any contact by simply drawing a gesture on the screen. Just assign a gesture to any phone number, then activate Sign and draw the gesture to call or text that contact.Gesture Recognition SystemEnhanced gesture recognition uses a custom-designed gesture recognition system to more accurately and consistently identify gestures. Sign uses a customized, exclusive process of evaluating gestures to minimize the potential for misrecognition, and implements several other advanced features to prevent accidental calls common with direct-dial icons or other quick-dial widgets.Unique Customized SignsSign also has several built-in measures to prevent misdials, including an adjustable dial confirmation (which can be turned off or be set up to four seconds) as well as allowing contact selection in the event Sign recognizes multiple contacts from the input gesture. Use single or multi-stroke gestures ("signs") to create unique, customized signs for your contacts, including numbers, letters, words, and symbols.Note: Sign is not compatible with tablets and other devices without phone calling and texting capabilities.