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Reengo - Number-free phone app android apk free download

game pic for Reengo - Number-free phone app Name - Reengo - Number-free phone app
Category - social
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.1 Eclair
Size - 1227 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 11 ratings
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Ver 0.3.3, for android 2.1 and up

Reengo - Number-free phone app
Reengo's main features:
- Allows you to call your Facebook friends without the need of any phone numbers if they got Reengo installed on their device!
- Cast the old phone line aside and call for free through the Wi-Fi or 3G networks!
- Add your most regular contacts to your Favorites. Likewise, you can block calls from any undesired contacts. (*)
(*) Packet transmission fees for 3G will be charged by your phone operator.
(*) Calling might not be possible depending on your Wi-Fi connection.
*- Some phone models are not supported.
*- The sound might be looping on some models. Please be careful.
*- Should you have any feedback, please tell us. It will of great help for us to improve the service.
Frequently asked questions:
Q. A strange repetitive sound plays on the phone instead of my interlocutor's voice.
A. Unlike a traditional phone, it might take some time to connect with your interlocutor.
This sound means that connection is underway. Please wait until the sound goes off.
Q. I get a "connection error" message when I try to call someone.
A. This message may show up when you try to make a call through a Wi-Fi connection not supported by Reengo. Calling through 3G or a Wi-Fi connection with a stronger signal should solve the issue.
Q. Whenever I receive a call, it promptly becomes a "missed call".
A. Please set your device's internal clock to the correct time. If your clock lags with the server's clock, your call will be considered as "missed".
Please head to the "Settings" -> "Date & Time" panel, and turn on "Automatic" to fix this issue.
* On certain models, the above function might not be available. If so, please correct the time manually.
For further information regarding Reengo, please follow the link below:
To our beta users of Reengo:
* Please delete first the beta version from your device, then install this newest version.
* Thank your very much for all your feedback regarding the beta version.
Android 2.1 Added standby mode ON/OFF function
Android 2.2+ Battery consumption greatly reduced during standby mode
Added notification when your contact is out of range
Fixed volume issues on some models (voice volume couldn't be changed)
Fixed display issues on some models (display didn't go full-screen)