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Ver 1.1.1, for Android OS 1.6 and up

The best Collection of Physics cheat sheets and quick reference cards
Many Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the formulas wherever and whenever you want.
With this application you can use your travel time to study, or just have it as a quick reference when needed.
NOTE: App can be moved to the SD Card!!
Introduction to physics. Relative deviation. Prefixes. Units for Area and Volume
Force and Motion 1. Average Speed. Velocity. Acceleration. Equation of linear motion
Force and Motion 2. Finding velocity. Finding Acceleration. Graph of motion
Force and Motion 3. Momentum. Newton's first law
Force and Motion 4. Newton second and third law. Impulse. Gravitational field strength. Weight
Force and Motion 5. Vertical Motion. Lifts
Force and Motion 6. Lifts
Force and Motion 7. Pulleys. Vectors
Force and Motion 8. Inclined plane. Forces in equilibrium. Work done
Force and Motion 9. Energy. Power and efficiency. Hooke's law
Force and Pressure 1. Density. Pressure. Gas Pressure
Force and Pressure 2. Pressure in a capillary tube. Barometer
Force and Pressure 3. Pascal's principle. Archimedes principle
Force and Pressure 4. Heat. Boyle's law. Pressure law
Force and Pressure 5. Charles's law
Light 1. Refractive index
Light 2. Lens
Light 3. Astronomical Telescope. Compound Microscope
Wave. Interference
Wave. Oscillation. Displacement time and distance graph
Electricity. Sum of charge. Current
Electricity. Potential difference.Resistance
Electricity. Potential and potential difference
Electricity. Electromotive force and internal resistance. Electrical Energy
Electricity. Electrical Power. Efficiency
Electriomagnetism. Transformers
Electronics. Cathode ray oscilloscope
Physics Formulas 1. Electric Charges and fields
Physics Formulas 2. Electric Charges and fields
Physics Formulas 3. Capacitance
Physics Formulas 4. Current. Resistance
Physics Formulas 5. Magnetism
Physics Formulas 6. Inductive and rcl circuits
Physics Formulas 7. AC Circuits
Physics Formulas 8. Electromagnetics. Light
Physics Formulas 9. Light

SD Installation support
The application displays advertising that is served over the Internet.
Some of the pages are read from the SD card instead of the memory. They are written on initialization to SD card for posterior use by app.
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