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game pic for PhotoFancieLite Name - PhotoFancieLite
Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.2 Froyo
Size - 298 KB
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android 2.2 and up

1.Photo collage:Support many functions to help you to assemble multiple pictures into a new beautiful one. (Including grid style and free style.)
2.Polaroid: Help you to convert one picture into Polaroid style.You could also add some texts on it.
*Photo collage:
Easy to make the Photo-design of yours come true.
Help you to record your mood, delicious foods, Beautiful scenery, and so on.
-According to what you need, you could select different orientation, aspect ratio, and layout style.
-Offer all kind of editing functions for each photo and background.
-Social network: share the image edited to friends immediately.
-Wallpaper setting: set this unique design of yours as your wallpaper of phone.
-Operation steps:
(1).get into the image folders and select the images you want to use. (After version 1.2.0, you could also add images to edit by using the camera.)
(2).Click the "Create" button below to start editing.
(3).After getting into the "Photo assemblage" page, click the drop down title bar to select the function and start editing.
- Orientation:Select different aspect ratio and portrait, landscape, or square for layout shape.
- Style:Select "Grid style" or "Free style"
- Layout:User could change the layout by shaking the phone or sliding the screen. In Grid style, you could also modify the grid point position to change the layout to what you want.
- Edit:It offers functions of Change image, Zoom, Move, Rotate, Swap, border line, background settings and so on.
- Text: Support user to add Text on the images.
Create your polaroid images.
- You could create polaroid images by selecting the images existing or taking a picture.
- You could edit the your text content in polaroid, too.
- Using the share function to share the image you edited to your friend.
(1).Get into the image folder to select the image you want to edit.(You could also get the image by taking a picture)
(2).After selecting the image, it will translate to the Polaroid editing page.
(3).Click the edit text button to start editing text.
- Click the text string you want to edit to enable the toolbar below.
- Click the add button to add new text string.
- Long Click a text string to drag it and you could remove it by dragging it out of screen.
(4). Click the edit photo button to start editing photo.
- It support to zoom, move, rotate, modify the brightness and contrast of the image.
-Start to enjoy your life~
If there is any problem you meet, please feel free to contact us by "user reviews".
Thanks for your appreciation.