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game pic for Pediatrician-Calculator Name - Pediatrician-Calculator
Category - medical
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Type - Android 1.6 Donut
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Ver 2.0.0, for Android OS 1.1 and up

Helpful pediatric app for pediatricians, developed by a pediatrician. Helps with:
- Syringe pump: Calculates Dosage or other parameters
- Birth percentiles: German birth percentiles according to Voigt et al. (Geburtsh Frauenheilk 2006; 66)
- Gestational age: No more counting days/weeks in calendars
- QTc:QTc, either by RR-Interval or heart rate
- Body surface area: According to Mosteller et al.
- BMI: German percentiles of height, weight and BMI according to Kromeyer-Hauschild et al.: Monatsschr. Kinderheilk.149 (2001)
- Blood pressure percentiles: 5./10./50./90./95. percentile according to the 4. report of the AHA Task Force. Integrated length percentiles after Kromeyer-Hauschild (see above).
- ECG normal values for children after Park MK and Guntheroth WG: "How to Read Pediatric ECG's", Mosby Elsevier 2006)
- Mid parental height for estimation of height
No warranty. Use it only as control to your own calculations.