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Imagine what would happen if you lose your mobile phone book or the data on your mobile?

We understand that you don’t want to even think about the answer! Use OTAM? (Over the Air Magic) and forget imagining this situation.

Leveraging patent-pending technology, OTAM is a backup and retrieval solution that gives you the peace of mind by protecting your personal mobile phone data against loss, theft, or damage. As mobile phones become an integral part of our daily lives, we depend on them for storing important data - be it contacts, addresses, or other detail. In effect, we rely on our mobile phones to stay in touch, be organized, and even use it for entertainment purposes! To ensure that you have access to crucial mobile data at all times, Oregono has developed OTAM?, a mobile content backup and retrieval solution. OTAM allows you to save contacts, addresses, and other data in a secure place and retrieve them anytime, from everywhere. You can also exchange messages with family and friends anywhere in the world; Its as simple as making a local call. OTAM (“autumn”) enables you to generate a virtual content store and management of your mobile phone. Available from everywhere and accessible through any mobile device, OTAM ensures that you are always in close touch with your mobile content.

Mobile Phonebook Backup: The easy Save and Retrieval solution that gives you the peace of mind by protecting your personal mobile phone data against loss, theft, or damage! Messages Unlimited: Exchanging messages with other OTAM users, regardless of their location, is cost-effective! There is no limit on number of messages you can send, at prices less than sending a local sms! Phonebook Anywhere: Find your phone book from any mobile phone or computer anytime or on the Internet! You can import phone numbers and contact details from your Outlook/other contacts manager and access it from your mobile phone quickly. Advanced Search: Search your entire phonebook, based on multiple criteria including Job Title, Company name, URL, Email ID…even Notes. You will never have to spend much time for finding that contact you vaguely remember! Use your mobile phone to search and dial the contacts stored in your Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! or Hotmail address book. You can also save the number to your phone book. Avoid Duplication: Merge and remove duplicate contacts from your existing phone book.

 OTAM quickly identifies duplicate or closely matching records in your existing phone book, and lets you decide whether to keep, merge or delete them. Business Card Exchange: You can easily browse through your phone book and send business cards to OTAM users having mobile handsets of brands including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and others.