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MyStrands Social Player java app free download

game pic for MyStrands Social Player Name - MyStrands Social Player
Category - multimedia
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 384 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 63 ratings
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Ver v3.0, for J2ME 240x320

Powerful music tool for the mobile
Browse and play your music by track, artist, album and playlist.
Get recommendations for great music.
Link to our extensive mobile web site for detailed information.
Find out who's playing your music now. Find out what other music they're listening to. Add them as a friend.
Discover new music through your friends.
During installation, the user is asked to agree to our license.
Multi-language application: Application is installed with the language set on device. Not all text labels, but the most important ones, have been internationalized.
Before you can install the application, you have to enable all software installations: 1. Find the 'Application Manager' application (usually in the 'Tools' folder) 2. Select 'Options' and then 'Settings'. 3. Set 'Software installation' to 'All'.

MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1. JSR 75 and JSR 135. Jar Size limit > 512 MB. Recommendable unlimited Heap and Jar size.

Release note: Application have been tested with the following devices: Nokia N91, Nokia E60, Nokia N80, Nokia E50, Nokia N95, Nokia N73


Streaming of mp3 files uses a hidden instance of Real Player. This way, it is necessary that Real Player is configured correctly in the phone, with the same access point used by MyStrands Social Player Java. If a mobile cell network is used, streaming might not work (RTSP traffic might be blocked by carrier, and only HTTP traffic would be allowed).