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game pic for MobileRediff Name - MobileRediff
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver v1.04, for J2ME

MobileRediff updated its application to version 1.04 with the addition of a very useful phonebook backup option to the service.
Launched recently, the Java-based application enables users to keep a check of their email, send messages and browse news while on the move. The email application found the most use with its Gmail App like interface finding many takers. Other services like News were text message based.
The latest update to the application adds a cool phonebook backup option that would allow you to backup your entire phonebook contacts to the rediffmail server. This can prove to be extremely useful in cases of a handset theft when you are left with none of your contacts. Once you back up the contacts, you can download it back to your phone any time you wish to.