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Mixar dSAFE java app free download

game pic for Mixar dSAFE Name - Mixar dSAFE
Category - security
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 125 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 22 ratings
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Ver v1.3.37, for java

Support/Info: S60/Java Cracked
dSAFE is a tool specifically designed to provide a safe and reliable way to store sensitive information on mobile phones. If your device supports Bluetooth technology you will be able to backup your data to a PC.
Used technology allow you to use this product in virtually all compatible J2ME (CLDC 1.1 e MIDP 2.0) device.
If your device supports Bluetooth you be able to perform backup of your data into a personal computer.
Now is possible to remember passwords (without need to annotate them on paper), credit card numbers and all sorts of information necessary for day-to-day and you never are within reach when so requested.
Using dSAFE you just need to memorize one password to access all your sensitive data, such as: Bank passwords, Cards (credit/debit) numbers, Bank account numbers and all other information that you wish carry.
Take your data to any place and be sure that you will can use them when you wish.
dSAFE stores your data based on the idea of a single tree. You create categories (groups) and small forms (under categories) that will be used to store your data.

To access any stored information you just need to select a group and navigate through associated forms.