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game pic for Minuet Browser Name - Minuet Browser
Category - systemtools
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Type - jar
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Ver v. 3.1.3, for Java J2ME 176x208

Looking for a better browser for your cell phone? Read on ... Minuet is a full-featured, stand-alone HTML browser designed specifically for mobile devices. It provides superior browsing experience compared to WAP browsers and hosted browsers. Minuet offers great flexibility in customizing your own web browsing experience, from personalized font sizes and skins, to various download options tailored for your networking needs. Key Advantages

* [New in V3.1] GZIP Compression - Reduce data traffic by up to 90%.

* [New in V3.1] Enhanced Device Support - Now compatible with more devices.

* Direct Web Site Connections - No middle-man servers, no unwanted subscriptions, bottlenecks and security holes.

* Tabbed Browsing - Switch between pages without reloading.

* Advanced Image Viewing - Ideal for viewing big images on small displays. Main Features

* Full support for HTTP/HTTPS and HTML 4.0 - Input forms (username, password, cookies) and frames.

* Java-based Internet Security - Secured server authentication and data protection.

* Dynamic Memory Management - Auto delete the least recently viewed pages when needed.

* Convenient features - Customizable user agent string, Bookmark Lists, reading bar, byte counter. (Minuet does not support JavaScript, Macromedia Flash and video/audio streaming.) Minimum Requirements Before you install and run Minuet, please make sure your mobile device meets all of the follow requirements:

* J2ME-enabled (CLDC 1.0, MIDP 2.0)

* Full Internet access available (see User Guide for more details).

* 512 KB SDRAM (1 MB SDRAM recommended.)

* Color Display