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game pic for Meme Me Name - Meme Me
Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.2 Froyo
Size - 8169 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 15 ratings
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2.2 and up

"Create and share memes with Meme Me! A must-have for every meme fan!
Meme Me is a free meme generator (or meme maker). It lets you choose meme images from a large collection of memes and add your text to them. You can even change the text size and color! You can also use your own photos and other images to make any meme you like or take a new photo and use it. All images can be saved to favorites for later use. If the meme you're looking for doesn't appear in the built in meme list, you can download it from the web, add it to your favorites and use it like any other image in the app. There's also a meme gallery that displays images you have saved to Meme folder.
Why you should use Meme Me:
★ It has over 200 meme templates.
★ You can change text SIZE, COLOR and STYLE when creating memes.
★ You can rotate images.
★ Import images from gallery or camera.
★ It has an awesome searchable meme list.
★ You can share your creations right from the app.
★ You can save your own photos and missing memes to favorites.
★ You don't need a network connection to browse memes.
★ It doesn't add any watermarks to saved images.
★ It uses the impact font.
★ It's free and doesn't beg for money.
You can use Meme Me in full screen mode if you enable it in settings menu. You can also set default text color and whether your text is always in uppercase or not.
If you find any popular memes missing, feel free to request them via help page in the app or email me. Until it's added to the app, I suggest you download the image from web and add it to your favorites.
All questions and suggestions are welcome!
If you'd like to have Meme Me in your language, please help me translate it. It's currently available in English, Dutch and Estonian.
Dutch translation is available thanks to StiQuezNL
I hope you enjoy creating memes with Meme Me! :)"