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game pic for Master-Design Furnish Name - Master-Design Furnish
Category - business
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.1 Eclair
Size - 1957 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 12 ratings
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Ver 4.0, for Android OS 2.1 and up

Design and furnish
Master-Design is a furniture software solution from design to production.
With Master-Design you can draw your rooms, your furnishings and obtain rendering for them.
You can do the following quickly and easily :
A.acquire aerial view environment
B.position and personalize the furniture
C.position the camera
D.choose the finish for your furniture
C.take a picture.
You have about 3000 items and thousands of finishes including:
-Modular-zone day / night
-Kico Living (
-Generic funishings
Projects can be imported into other applications of the MASTER-DESIGN family. On the site / you will find a description of the functions and the free software Art-Shop X-Lite for Windows PCs.
Key Features:
-tracking of the walls in 5 different modes:
1.Orthogonal walls
2.Walls and their diagonal size (only in ver. PRO)
3.Wall size and distance from a point (only in ver. PRO)
4.Size and angle on walls (only in ver. PRO)
5.Tracking walls directly on the screen
-plan view and front view for a wall
-positioning of articles with the magnetic points
-articles are parametric
-the project and the items are automatically listed
-photo-realistic-images (rendering Raytrace)
-finishes-classic and modern
-working on-line with internet connection
-working off-line, without internet connection (only in ver. PRO)
-save/load projects (only in ver. PRO)
-Import and continuation of project estimates and rendering application with one of the Master-Design Windows PC softwares
-modules are the same items and codes as Master-Design Art-Shop X-Lite/Lite/Pro
-interface equal to other modules Master Plan-Design, Art and Art-Shop X-Lite/Lite/Pro
-installation application also SDCARD
-ability to draw directly
-ability to use different units of measurement (mm,cm, inc)
-Virtual 3D: virtual realty
-Free hand drawing with Samsung Pen (ex. Samsung Note)
-Use laser distance meters Leica DISTO? devices with Bluetooth interface to define the room (only in ver. PRO).
Following Leica DISTO? devices are supported:
Leica DISTO? plus
Leica DISTO? A6
Leica DISTO? D8
Leica DISTO? D3aBT
Leica DISTO? D330i
Please note that this function only works properly on Android devices with standard Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP).

For Rendering:
1. you must realize the composition;
2. you have to position the camera (the first function within the camera menu);
3. you have to choose the finishes (second function within the camera menu);
4. you have to take the photo (third function within the camera menu);
5.To review their rendering using the fourth feature within the camera menu.

To download the free application Master-Design Art-Shop X-Lite for Windows PC please visit our website or search Google for "Art-Shop X-Lite. "
Ver.17.11.00 of Master-design is required for Windows.
We need your help to improve the application. Send your comments to [email protected] "
For the Professional version you will find a function on the main menu.
Due to the nature of the application, the use on tablet or on other high-resolution terminals is much easier.