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MapMyWalk GPS Walking android apk free download

game pic for MapMyWalk GPS Walking Name - MapMyWalk GPS Walking
Category - healthfitness
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.1 Eclair
Size - 6209 KB
Rating - 1/5 from 8 ratings
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Version 2.7.14
Android 2.1 and up

"?? As seen on Dr. Oz! Map your walk! ??
MapMyWalk+ brings you its mobile app for Android-based devices! Now owners of Android 2.1 or higher devices can track the route, time, distance, speed, pace and calories in real-time for their fitness activities using their GPS enabled mobile device.
Your walks sync automatically with!
MapMyWalk+ is great for fitness, hiking, weight loss, calorie counting, and more, and is an integral part of the MapMyWalk platform, by MapMyFitness.
Use our route search feature to find nearby places to walk. You can filter routes by type or length, examine elevation graphs, and leaderboards. Try beating your own best time!
* About permissions: During the install, Google Play will display a list of permissions that the app requires. This section explains why each permission is required. Please contact our support team at [email protected] if you have any questions.
- Storage: This permission is needed to store pictrues you take during your workout and to store diagnostic files to help us support you.
- System tools: This permission is needed because some devices support connecting with heart rate, distance and power sensors via Bluetooth Smart. Additionally, system settings are modified if you choose to keep the screen on during your workout.
- Your location: This permission is needed to track your position, speed and distance during a workout and to locate nearby points of interest.
- Hardware controls: This permission allows you to take a picture during your workout. Your interaction with the camera is required to take a picture. No pictures are taken automatically. No pictures are taken without your knowlege.
- Phone calls: This permission is used to provide us with diagnostic information to help us support you (carrier and phone id). This permission does not give the app permissions to your contacts list.
- Network communication: This permission is used to access and update data stored on the website and to use social features."