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MOBGET java app free download

game pic for MOBGET Name - MOBGET
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 49 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 58 ratings
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Ver v2.6, for J2ME

Super Lite but Extremely Efficient and FAST downloader
for mobile phones. Compatible to all java-phones,
from low-end to high-end fones, as long as it can run java(which supported by almost all handset nowadays).

It use little resources so multi-tasking definitely would not be a problem, let's say OperaMini 4.2, Bolt, MobGet all at the same time.
The download speed is quite amazing, reaches up to 50kbps or even more if you're on a paid proxy service(PPS).

This software was based on a discontinued project from a Russian team.
The idea was to create a download manager
since mobile phones doesn't come with a built-in one,
and 3rd party download manager sofware is scarce and
even if you find one, you'll face some compatibility issues.


* Download for FREE because it's @trick ready!
* Download files from direct links such as geocities, 110mb, or on your own webspace.
* Can download large files, phone/memorycard capacity is the limit
* Simultaneous downloads, but I suggest you limit it at 5 downloads at a time.
* Scheduled start and stop time of downloads
* Pause and Resume of broken-downloads
* Bookmarks
* UBT tricks compatible, try to make your own trick.