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game pic for MGMaps Name - MGMaps
Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 229 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 207 ratings
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Ver v1.39.17, for Java J2ME 176x208

The latest MGMaps v1.39.17 includes the following changes:
Fixed several bugs in GPS support for blackberry.
A new option in Advanced settings allows you to add a string to all web connections made by the application. This option is useful only on Blackberry phones. You can select ";deviceside=true;interface=wifi" to use the WiFi interface, or one of the other predefined options if you're using online maps and the map doesn't show up. Restart the application after changing this option to (re)load the map.
A bug was fixed in zoom/map type switcher, the map was sometimes incorrectly moved when switching map types in zoomed-in levels.
Several other problems were fixed.