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game pic for LyricShow Player Name - LyricShow Player
Category - misc.
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 384 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 144 ratings
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Ver v0.95 Beta3, for S60v3 J2ME ENG/CHINESE

LyricShow Player, lyrics synchronous music player, shows you the lyrics while playing music files. Popular audio file formats like mid/imy/amr/wav/mp3/aac/3gp and mp4 are supported. Besides, you can read E-books while listening to music.

Fast Key Functions

Multimedia player

*.Right soft key: Main menu

*.Left soft key: Exchange playlists and lyrics

*.5(short press): Play/Pause/Continue*.

5(long press): Replay current music

*.4(short press): choose the previous music

*.4(long press): play the previous

*.6(short press): choose the next music

*.6(long press): play the next music

*.2: Volume up

*.8: Volume down

*.1: Local time, music time and progress rate

*.3: Remove items

*.7: Stop

*.9: To my stuff to add media

*.*: Mute

*.#: Hold

*.0: Change play modes(in playlist), change max measure(in video play)

*.0(long press):change default skins

*.#+Num keys: Quick Selection

*.#+*: Illumination On/Off

*.Green key: Send SMS

*.Red key: Reverse screen

*.Side keys:Volume control

*.When play videos: Press up to skip forward, down to skip backward. Left soft key to exchange playlists and video-show.

E-book reader

*.Right soft key: Main menu

*.Left soft key: Turn to appointed page

*.5: Play/Pause/Continue

*.4: Previous Page

*.6: Next Page

*.2: Previous line

*.8: Next line

*.1: Time, Page, Filename, Progress info

*.3: Auto page down

*.7: Stop

*.9: To my stuff to open books

*.*: Mute

*.#: Next word

*.0: Change background colors

*.Green key: Send SMS

*.Red key: Reverse screen

*.#+2: Volume up

*.#+3: Change fonts

*.#+4: Previous music

*.#+6: Next music

*.#+8: Volume down

*.#+*: Illumination on/off

Compared to Beta2 update reads as follows:

Overall update

1, the summer version of a happy start to change the logo for the birds singing map.

2, to change the built-in skin.

3,the procedureto use the Chinese name "lyrics show."

4, part of the current menu items tagged symbol (check mark), such as the current application of the skin, the current activated playlist.

5, the default time zone changed to +8.

6, the menu of adjustments: an increase player settings and set up e-book to the main menu

E-book update

1, e-books can be set up background image: none background, custom picture.

2, e-books can be set from the left side, right from the top margin, bottom margin (manual input)

3, e-books can manually enter the high line, the effective range of 0-120 (pixels).

4, page layout can be automatically e-book manual input, the effective range of 0-120 (seconds), 0 to disable that.

5, the top model lyrics lyrics alignment: left-justified, right justified, center

Player Update

1, the player can set up full-screen background image: skin definition picture, custom picture.

2, the general pattern of the lyrics lyrics alignment: left-justified, right justified, center

3, full-screen mode lyrics lyrics Justify: left-justified, right justified, center

Features Update:

1, e-books at the top of the lyrics karaoke ok;

2, the title of regional karaoke player ok;

3, full-screen lyrics karaoke mode ok