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game pic for LifeCapture Name - LifeCapture
Category - misc.
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 30 KB
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Ver v. 2, for J2ME

Latest: Life CaptureSE2 is now available to download. This is a much improved version of the program for Sony Ericsson users. Older versions for other makes of phone are still available.
Life Capture turns your phone into a time-lapse camera. You set how often you want the phone to take a picture anywhere from a few tenths of a second to several minutes. You then set how many frames you want the phone to capture. The application could also be used as a kind of cctv/spy camera. The photographs are saved as a series of images which you then transfer to your home computer. Visit
. for full instructions on how to turn the images into time-lapse videos and to view examples I have filmed myself. You will also find other free software for your phone and PC.
Please note that this software will NOT work on Motorola phones. There is now an SE version of the program available for download. This is a special edition of the program for modern phones, such as new Sony Ericssons, which allow unsigned java applications to save files without asking for permission every time. It works in a similar way to the standard version but many more frames can be captured in this version as the picture is saved as soon as it is captured instead of in a batch at the end of the program. If you have used the standard version and do not have to keep tapping the 'ok' button every time a picture is saved then this version might be a better option for you. Instructions for use are pretty much the same as the standard version and any extras are self explanatory