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Category - education
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.1 Eclair
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Ver 1.2.6, for Android OS 2.1 and up

??? Chinese’s Mandarin IMPORTANT to you – Speak & Learn it ASAP! ???
China Opportunities, Chinese and Mandarin are the HOTTETS TOPICS. It is now or never to catching the China ride! Mandarin is getting too important that YOU must learn ASAP. It shall lead you to the whole new world and the DOOR OF SUCCESS! Visiting China and meeting the Chinese is the first and essential step you take to catch the ride.
Our app is the easiest to use and the best designed for tourists, business people, love seekers and literally ANYONE who are desperate to learn speaking Mandarin, reading and writing Chinese words in action.
Key features:
? Includes Comprehensive & Essential key words/scenario-based sentences.
? Provides Authentic Pronunciation in Mandarin.
? Key words/scenario-based sentences carefully categorized.
? Can store favored key words/scenario-based sentences.
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