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Category - education
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.2 Froyo
Size - 725 KB
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Android 2.2 and up

Learn how to draw anything by following examples. Enter a word, get an overlay with a drawing of that word, and move your finger over the lines to learn how to draw it.
Have you ever wanted to make beautiful drawings and sketches for fun and entertainment? Drawing of animals, cartoon characters, famous people - you name it. Just search for it, and learn how to draw it.
The app searches for drawings on the Internet, you pick one you like, and you can sketch over a semi-transparent image of the drawing you selected. By copying and enhancing drawings you like, you learn how to draw yourself.
? An easy to follow art lesson.
? Infinite number of drawings you can use! just search for what you want.
? The app will display your drawing as an overlay for you to draw over.
? You can rehearse drawing the overlay until you nail it down.
? Tools: colors, pens, and many brushes to choose from.
? Unlimited undo/redo.
? Smooth Zoom and pan. The drawing is vector based and remains sharp.
? Multiple search engines are supported.
This app can teach you to draw every object you want, for example: fox, lion, car, spider-man, superman, birds, japanese animation (anime) - or anything else you like.
Internet - Find and load images
Storage - Save the images for a short duration in a cache to make the app faster
Coarse location - Collect statistics on the number of installations per country, to help us prioritize translations
Get accounts - Used only when choose to send us feedback. You get the option to add your email address so that we can reply. It is optional, and you can choose not to send your email address.
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