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La Vella Mobile Radio java app free download

game pic for La Vella Mobile Radio Name - La Vella Mobile Radio
Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 86 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 64 ratings
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Ver v. 1.4, for Java J2ME

1. On the Go Access to Hundreds of stations

With the La Vella Mobile Radio player you will have access to hundreds of streaming radio stations right in the palm of your hand. Imagine the ability to grab your mobile phone, load a favorite station that you would not be able to hear on traditional FM or Satellite radio, and listen to digital clarity wherever you are!

2. Digital Audio Clarity

La Vella Mobile Radio player brings you the best quality digital streams, compressed and delivered to the La Vella Mobile Radio application. You won't believe the digital clarity you will receive on your mobile phone. You really have to hear to believe!

3. Immediate Connection to Global Radio

With our application, you can instantly connect to digital radio stations from around the world! Put away that satellite radio, turn off the FM receiver, it's time to go global and listen to stations that you could never get otherwise!

4. Easy to Use

The La Vella Mobile Radio player is very easy to use! Launch the application (the program will update itself with the newest play list); from the main menu, you can decide to Log In (for fullACCESS) or try the free stations. Once you are logged in, you can select 'Radio Stations' and choose your favorite category. Find a great station and click on it! The player screen will load your station and play it for you. Simple and fun! If you love the station add it to your My Favorites area for easy play.

5. Wide Handset Support

La Vella Mobile Radio currently supports a very wide selection of handsets and PDA's. Currently we offer several versions of our application, based on Windows Mobile (pocket PC and smartphone); Nokia Symbian Software; Samsung Symbian Software; and Java Mobile. \With such high compatibility, you can be sure that your handset will be able to easily use our application.

Keep checking back for updates to our player. We are busy programming our software for each phone brand. Now that we have Windows Mobile, Nokia, Samsung and Java, we are busy working on versions for Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and more!

The software is always free so feel free to check back and upgrade.

6. Secure

The mobile player does not pass over any mobile or private information and we do not track your listening habits, it is simply a player that accesses streamed audio content. You can rest assured that your information is always safe and secure.

7. Use Your Log In for Multiple Phones or a New Handset Purchase

We know that many people buy new phones quite often, or even have several handsets that they switch between every few months! With our fullACCESS pass, you can use your login with every phone that you own. The software is always free, so you can download La Vella Mobile Radio to every phone that you have, and any new ones that you buy! Use the same login that you registered with and you are instantly listening to digital radio.