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KoeImage Collage android apk free download

game pic for KoeImage Collage Name - KoeImage Collage
Category - multimedia
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 2960 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 14 ratings
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Ver 2.3.1, for android 1.6 and up

Become independent, create beautyful Images, surprise everyone - use KoeImage
Why use any other software when you get everything in one? KoeImage is the most powerful, feature riched yet very easy to use. Whether you need to create nicest image for your presentation or a greeting card or graphics for any purpose, KoeImage is the only tool. It is so easy to use, such smooth and so sensitive to touch you'll not only love it, you'll get addicted to create nicer images. Become independent, become creator of the images that speaks in your behalf, become a strong human, create the most beautyful images in minutes - use KoeImage; It's free!
To get help click on the "Visit Developer's Website" link below.
This Powerful mobile image editing tool that makes your Pictures more memorable and makes sharing your photos a unique experience, much better than any other tool you might have ever used!
KoeImage is designed specifically to make it easier and better for you to communicate with people using pictures. It has several tools that you can use to make your pictures presentable, and organize the way you want them to. In otherwords, it helps you make your pictures more prominent, more beautiful, and more vocal with a very simple user interface and very less numbers of touch and slide.
It is the first one of a set of such tools that we are developing which will be available soon as companion programs. We'll release the next version with more useful features very soon. We request you to keep this version installed so that you can know when we are releasing the next version.
Please help us make KoeImage more fun-filling for you by joining the KoeImage Facebook community at and providing your valuable inputs. If you like to showcase your creations, let the world see it, just use our Facebook page.