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game pic for JMingle Name - JMingle
Category - misc.
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Ver v1.02, for J2ME

JMingle is a social networking endeavor that works by scanning mobile phones over Bluetooth.
In an average day, you may pass hundreds of people on your way to work, walking around school, or shopping at the mall. There will be faces in the crowd wherever you look, and in all probability you will never see any of those persons again. The truth is, as your life goes on you will pass hundreds to thousands, maybe millions of people in your lifetime. Have you ever given a moment's thought as to who these people are? It's not on most people's minds. This project seeks to provide a little more personality to those "faces in the crowds" that were previously just ignored.

JMingle is a social networking endeavor that works by scanning mobile phones over Bluetooth. The goal of the project is to create a social networking platform in which 'links' between people are created when they are in range for their Bluetooth-enabled phones (or, eventually, other devices) can discover each other.

Key Features of "JMingle":
· "Persistent" scanning mode - allows automated polling for a given time period (currently 1 minute - future versions will allot for change)
· Last seen time - each time you see a device that has been seen before, JMingle will tell you when you last saw them
· Device browser - an easily-navigable device browser lets you see devices discovered in the past

What's new in JMingle 1.0.2:
· Corrected circular menus so that they do not spin around into infinity when you press left or right.