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game pic for Informer Name - Informer
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 32 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 24 ratings
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Ver v1.0, for J2ME

Informer uses internet for communication and so, a GPRS/WiFi connection is a pre-requisite for it to work. Allow the midlet to access the internet by clicking on the option "Yes, this session only" when prompted. The primary use of this application is covered in 3 steps. 1. Click on Add Keyword. Enter a keyword and press Add. 2. Go to the menu item "How to Notify" and select the mode in which you would like to be notified when the latest news is available and then click on Back. The setting will be saved. 3. Click on Menu item "Start Agent". Keep the application in your pocket and forget about it now and let the application message you back. By default, the application searches for newer news every 10 minutes but this can be configured in the menu item, "When to Notify". 10 minutes will allow sufficient time to read about the details of the news and is the minimum recommended value. It is also possible that even after waiting for the time in the configured value, sometimes the user may not get a notification. News arrives when news happens. So be patient initially and you will reap the benefits the longer you use this application. It is also possible to view all the keywords defined by you, delete them or view the news manually by clicking on the "View/Delete Keyword" menu item. Unlike other news agents, instead of giving all the news on a topic, Informer will only give you the latest news. Instead of giving categorized news, Informer gives news defined by you and that makes it universal. Informer has been tested on Sony Ericsson W960 but should work on all Java Phones supporting MIDP-2.0.