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game pic for Imania Messenger Name - Imania Messenger
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 388 KB
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Ver v1.0, for J2ME

Imania is a mobile messenger, independent of any telecommunication multinational, that wants to offer to their users probably the best and the most economic mobile communication software, combining mobile Internet access with local nets (wifi and bluetooth).

With Imania you can know other users, and they can know you with personal profiles. You will be able to chat and send text messages (IMS) unlimitedly, and will enjoy a virtual agent that will help you to find the people you may need. (Standard operator SMS/WAP/GPRS/UMTS charges apply: data transfer costs not included).

The Imania Messenger system allows you to chat and send IMSs messages to all the countries where Imania is available.
You don't need to pay for each chat or IMS messages sent, and you can use it to communicate with your friends in all the countries where we are available with no added costs. (Standard operator SMS/WAP/GPRS/UMTS charges apply: data transfer charges not included).

Imania includes two kind of messages:
1. IMS (Imania Message System): Seemed like the classic sms (short message system) with some important innovations.
* You can send and receive as messages as you want without any billing.
* Send and receive Archives, Images and Videos for Free. (Standard operator SMS/WAP/GPRS/UMTS charges apply: data transfer charges not included).
* The IMS message is not limited to 160 letters, you can send more than 1000 letters with each one.

2. CHAT Messages like the PC's messengers, and you will not have to pay for each one you send o receive.

The use of Imania Messenger only with bluetooth is completely free, and you will be able to communicate with your friends up to 10 meters of range.

The only billing of Imania Messenger is 1 sms (near 1 ? per month, depends on the country) and you will enjoy of an unlimited use of the application in the Internet.

Each payment (sms sent) is made only by the user, no automatic payments will be done if the user does not start the billing process.

Imania Messenger needs to connect to the Internet, and we recommend you to get a data plan for Internet with your mobile operator, because the sporadic use of the Internet with cellulars is still very expensive.