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HistoryEraser android apk free download

game pic for HistoryEraser Name - HistoryEraser
Category - lifestyle
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 217 KB
Rating - 0/5 from 5 ratings
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Ver 3.1.0, for Android OS 1.6 and up

Erases history data on your Android device. Very Easy to use!
This app is ORIGINAL History Eraser. Over 2 million android users select this app.
It's safety and saving your privacies.
========= NEW Features =========
It corresponded to the 'Delete all' Widget.
(In order to use this feature, 'HistoryEraser DeleteAll' app needs to be installed separately.)
=========== Feature ============
Clear Application cahce data.
Clear Android Market search suggestions.
Clear Maps search suggestions(old version only).
Clear Gmail search suggestions.
Clear Youtube search suggestions(Assist).
Clear Google Earth search suggestions.
Clear call logs.
Clear frequently called contacts status.
Clear standard browser histories.
Clear standard browser bookmarks.
Clear Quick Searches(Assist).
Clear download histories.
=========== NOTICE ============
* You should NOT CHOOSE COPY APP or Similar name app.
* If your app version is less than 3.0.0, Please try CLEAN-INSTALL.
(Uninstall prev version --> Power Off/On --> Download/Install current version)
* If your device Android OS is 1.6(Donuts), Can't update this app directly. For getting the latest version, You have to reinstall this app every updating.
========== Conditions ==========
Android OS 2.2+ is fine.
(1.6 and 2.1 devices can install this app, but deprecated)
=========== Language ===========
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