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game pic for Hesine Info Name - Hesine Info
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - Symbian s60v3
Size - 286 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 32 ratings
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Ver v1.06, for S60v3 Signed

Hesine lets you :

1. Update status to one or more SNS sites like twitter, facebook from mobile.
2.Receive friends' SNS sites updates from mobile and reply to it with ease.
3. Get a free push email account [email protected] Get push mail service, gmail, hotmail and all pop3 are supported.
4.Enjoy free mobile messaging between Hesine users.Free! No SMS/MMS chargesNo limitation on message size and data formatConsistent user experience as standard mobile text messageSame inbox and outbox for email, text message, social message, IM.

Push Mail Service :
1.Once you have installed Hesine application on your mobile successfully, you can bundle your gmail, Yahoo mail account with your mobile. Any emails to your bundlede mail accounts will be pushed to mobile right away. Your mobile becomes a BlackBerry-like device.
Bundle email accounts:
Compose a new message from mobilevia Hesine with only your emailaddress in the body, and send it to88888
A notification message will be sent to mobile to tell you the bundling result
Later on, mobile will prompt you to input the password for your email accountNote: you can bundle up to 3 email accounts for a single mobile.

Unbundle email accounts:
Compose a new message from mobilevia Hesine with message body "T +space + your-email-address", andsend it to 88888
A notification message will be sent to mobile to tell you the unbundling result.

Blog Push(Mobile Social Messaging):
Bundle your mobile with twitter,facebook and other SNS sites, you will beable to??Update your status (upload picture) inSNS sites from mobile just like sending astandard text message. The recipientaddress is SNS site name, like twiiter,facebook.?Receive your friend's updates or blog inSNS sites on mobile in timely manner.Simply reply the received message frommobile will comment on the receivedstatus or blog.?Receive your friend's direct or privatemessage in SNS sites in timely manner.Simply reply the received message frommobile will delivered to your friend rightaway.Steps to activate mobile social messaging service??Download Hesine application into your mobile if you have never installed it.?For twitter, compose a new messagefrom mobile via Hesine, input "login-name + space + password" as themessage body, and set "twitter" or89488 (corresponding digits for "twitt"on mobile) as the recipient address, thensend it out.?For other SNS sites, please go to your status from mobile??Compose a new message via Hesine,write your status in the message body,and attach the picture if you want toupload a picture?Set the SNS site's name as the recipientaddress, such as twitter, facebook, orthe first 5 corresponding digits on yourmobile (such as 89488 for twitter, 32232for facebook).?Send out the message. Your updates will be shown on SNS sites right awayTips: if multiple recipient addresses arespecified, the same status will beuploaded to multiple SNS sites at thesame time.Make comments on friend's status??Once your friend updates his/her status,the status will be pushed to your mobileright away, and you will get the samenotification as SMS?Open the received message, reply itdirectly with your comments without anyspecial prefix or format in the body. Yourcomments will be shown up on SNS sitesright awayReply your friend's private/direct message??Once your friend send you a private/direct message, the message will bepushed to your mobile right away, andyou will get the same notification as SMS?Open the received message, reply itdirectly without any special prefix orformat in the body. Your reply will besent to your friend right away.Unbundle the SNS site??Compose a new message with only letter"T" in message body, and send it tothe corresponding SNS sites.?A notification message will be sent tomobile to tell if unbundling is successful ornot.?After it is unbundled, you could not sendyour status from mobile, and won'treceive friends' status from mobileanymore.Tips: Once you have installed Hesineapplication on your mobile successfully,you will get email account [email protected] automatically. If you use thisemail as the notification email address inSNS sites, any SNS notification will bepushed to your mobile in almost real time.You won't miss any notification fromSNS sites, and you can take your actionsright away!

01.Why can't I find my phone in thedownload page?
- Only windows mobile and Symbian S60mobiles are supported right now. iPhone,gPhone versions are under development.Please check the web site later to findthe availability of your mobile.

02.How can I know if I install Hesine Application successfully?
-If Hesine Application is installedsuccessfully, you will receive Hesinewelcome message in 10 minutes. If youdo not receive the welcome message,please power cycle your mobile and waitfor a couple of minutes to see if you canreceive welcome message. If you stillcould not get the welcome message,please follow the steps here. 1: makesure date and time on your mobile is setcorrectly, 2: make sure you can visit anyweb sites from your mobile web browser. If it still does not work, please send mailto [email protected]

03. For 3 Hesine services, shall I download different Hesine software?
- No, one Hesine software can support allthe Hesine services.

04.How can I start Hesine Application?
-Hesine Application is started automaticallywhen you power up the mobile.

05.How can I stop Hesine Application?
-In your mobile, please find Hesineapplication, and select it. In the optionmenu, please choose "stop Hesine". Ifyou want to resume the application, youmust select "start Hesine" or you canpower cycle your mobile.

06.How to bundle twitter with mobile?
-1) Install Hesine App into your mobile ifyou have never done that; 2) compose anew message via Hesine, message bodycontains "twitter-login-ID + space +twitter-password", and send it totwitter (or 89488); 3) receive anotification message for binding result

07.How to send my status to twitter frommobile?
Compose new message via Hesine, andsend it to twitter (or 89488). Your statuswill show up on twitter right away

08.How to bundle facebook with mobile?
Login into facebook, search Hesine application, then follow the instructionson web. Or click

09.How to send my status to facebookfrom mobile?
Compose new message via Hesine, andsend it to facebook (or 32232). Yourstatus will show up on facebook rightaway

10.How to reply or comment on thereceived message?
Simple reply the received messagewithout any prefix or format. Your replywill show up in the corresponding SNS site.

11.How to send my status to multiple SNSsites?
Put the SNS site's name (orcorresponding number) in the TO field.For example, if you want to send statusto both twitter and facebook, you needto put "89488, 32232" or "twitter,facebook" in TO field when youcompose a new message.

12.Why my mobile's data connection isalways on after I install Hesine App?
Hesine App requires always-on data connection on your mobile. Otherwise,the message could not be pushed toyour mobile in real time. If you want todisconnect the data connection, youhave to stop Hesine or uninstall it.

13.Does it mean the data is transferred to/from mobile when data connection is on?
No. If you don't send/receive newmessages, data won't be transferredto/from mobile. But very minimum heartbeat messages will be transferred forevery half hour to one hour.C03?Why data volume is not zero even I don't send/receive any messages? To keep the data connection always on,Hesine application sends heart beatmessages (8 bytes) to the networkevery half to one hour. In addition, ifdata connection is lost somehow, th