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Category - misc.
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver v1.0.6, for J2ME

HPGen is a hash password generator for Java-enabled mobile phones. The concept was invented by Nic Wolff as a way of generating a large number of pretty secure passwords for all the websites people sign up with these days.

How does HPGen work?

You enter a strong "input" password and the domain of the website you want to generate a new password for (eg ""), and the software concatenates the two and passes them through a cryptographic "hash function" (by default, SHA1). Of course, you can put any text you like in the domain field - "hotmail", perhaps. The output of the hash is converted to text (by default, using BASE64 encoding) and the first eight characters (or so) are returned for you to use as a password for that domain.


· MIDP 1.0, CLDC 1.0