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game pic for Goolel Name - Goolel
Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 440 KB
Rating - 1/5 from 64 ratings
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Ver v5.1.3, for J2ME

goolelTM is a social network and it uses your handset's internet connection to help you stay connected with your friends (fellow goolelers) and loved ones via goolel socialnetwork, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, AIM, ICQ from one integrated contact list. Stay in touch regardless of whether your buddies are on their mobile or ontheir PC, and with real-time "presence" displays, you can see who's available. Forget about the high-end phones and smart phones, now ANY phone can have PushEmail. Goolel supports not only any POP3/IMAP servers from your enterprise mail system, it even pushes from your free Hotmail (Windows Live Mail) and Yahoo! Mailaccounts! (Gmail is of course supported.). Web Browser: Experience the real Web in Goolel; Goolel Transcoding Service extracts the essences from bulky web pages andoptimizes them to less than 1/10 the size of the original for your phones screen and bandwidth. The unbound reading pleasure makes your phone the perfect mobile reading device.