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Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.1 Eclair
Size - 53 KB
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Ver 1.1, for android 2.1 and up

GetWeather, Get Weather easy!!
GetWeather is a new type of weather application that allows you to see REAL TIME IMAGES (past half or one hour) received from the satellite, It let you understand the evolution and the position of clouds over you.
With this tool you can have a clear and precise idea on the REAL weather conditions by analyzing the movement of clouds.
Share Weather information
You can share Weather information with others via Email, Gmail , Facebook and…etc.Or, save to SD card area(default path: \getweather in SD card directory)
Remind status of Internet
Remind users what Internet service is running, such as 3G or Wifi, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Zoom in or Zoom out on webpage
Web pages can be zoomed in or zoomed out by clicking pages.
Weather Satellite images is reserved for the use of fetching weather satellite images from CWB - .

List of available countries in detail:
Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam
Welcome any comment:
[email protected]

1. Obviously an Internet connection is required to download images. It may rarely happen, for reasons not attributable to developers, that a snapshot of a particular time could not be available.
2. It is not a weather report application. If you are searching an application for weather report, please select another one.

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