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Category - systemtools
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Type - jar
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Ver v0.2 Beta, for J2ME - Google Calendar Client

GCal is a Google Calendar client for Java-enabled phones.
Here are some key features of "GCal":
· calendar filtering
· events creation
· event searching
· events location map viewing
What's new in GCal 0.2:
New features of this version include:
· Check for updates and auto-update features: you can now manually check for updates, or switch on auto-updates (from Settings screen) to always get the latest Gcal releases!
· More control over events: delete, duplicate and copy an event from a calendar to another in a snap!
· Comments: It’s now possible to add and view comments for an event
· More event details: event visibility (private/public) and available/busy status now available when creating an event
· Map viewing: different types of maps have been added, so you can now switch among satellite/terrain and other views
· Sending an event, with his details, via SMS
Important bugs fixed in this release:
· Character encoding: terrible lack of first versions, character encoding should now correctly work
· Wrong time when creating/showing events, with some timezones
· Events order sometimes scrambled
· Wrong login error messages: now, different types of errors are correctly handled
· Calendars filter sometimes resetted without changing the account
· Different types of errors and Exceptions when receiving events (e.g.: on Nokia S40 devices)