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Funambol Mail Client -240X320 java app free download

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Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 281 KB
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Ver v7.2.1, for S60v3 J2ME

Push Email for the Mass Market Three and a half billion people own a mobile phone yet only a small fraction use it for mobile email -- why? Until recently, mobile email required high-end devices, costly service and complex setup.No longer -- Funambol enables service providers, portals, mobile operators and device manufacturers to deliver a new generation of low cost, easy-to-use push email, contacts and calendars for the mass market. It eliminates the roadblocks to mass market adoption of mobile email. It runs on commodity handsets, makes push email easy to use and accesses the most popular email services,all at low cost. The result: easy affordable push email, contacts and calendars for everyone. For service providers, it means more loyal customers, more revenue and new opportunity.Only Funambol software that is powered by open source makes this possible. The software has been downloaded three million times by 50,000 developers around the globe. They have tested it and improved it onhundreds of mobile devicesrunning on dozens of mobile networks in more than 200 countries. This world's largest "mobile QA team" enables Funambol to support many more commodity mobile devices than any other provider of mobile email.Funambol is compatible with more than 1.5 billion mobile phones consisting of hundreds of device models. This includes iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Java ME and SyncML devices from Nokia,Motorola,Sony Ericsson,Samsung and many other manufacturers. For the latest supported device list, visit ourdevice compatibility page.Funambol is the de facto open source implementation of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Data Synchronization (DS) standard, commonly referred to as SyncML. SyncML is endorsed by leading mobile device manufacturers, service providers and software companies worldwide. It is built into hundreds of millions of phones to synchronize contact and calendar info, and its new version, 1.2, supports push email. Funambol delivers the leading open source implementation of SyncML 1.2, uniquely enabling Funambol to transform ordinary cell phones into powerful mobile email devices.Funambol makes it easy to read, reply and manage email on a mobile device. It pushes email to phones, enabling messages to be quickly scanned and replied to while on the go. Funambol provides all standard email functionality, such as read, delete, reply and forward, and innovative functionality, such as an integrated address book. Funambol can automatically synchronize a user's favorite contacts from many sources, eliminating the need to type email addresses on their phone. Funambol makes it easy for users to access their desired email from Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail, POP/IMAP, work and other sources. This makes mobile email much easier to use for mass market users than ever before.Funambol also enables mobile email to be delivered at much lower cost than other solutions. Our open source business model allows us to operate with a lower cost structure and to pass savings on to our customers while still providing world class capabilities, service and support.The commercial version of Funambol,Carrier Edition, includes new capabilities that make it easy to get end users up and running and to deploy push email on a mass scale. It includes a new portal (demonstrable that automates Over-The-Air (OTA) configuration of mobile devices for PIM sync and mobile email. To configure a device, a userjust enters their mobile number into the portal and they receive an SMS on their phone which the user can accept to configure their phone. This eliminates the cryptic typing of urls and commands on tiny mobile keypads that has been a barrier to user acceptance.