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File Locker android apk free download

game pic for File Locker Name - File Locker
Category - toolsutilities
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.1 Eclair
Size - 200 KB
Rating - 1/5 from 7 ratings
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2.1 and up

"Protect your content against unauthorized reading, playing, watching, etc. The application encodes the file and makes it unreadable. Have you any media like pictures, movies, documents, xxx-content, all you want prevent other people from reading? FileLocker is right for you.
- Fast way to lock huge files (like movies) by hashing just both beginning and ending of file (optional).
- Tracks temporary unlocked files by notification, to keep in mind you left unprotected docs.
- Encodes the content and file names as well.
- Involves the Android Media Scanner automatically after change to make file visible by other applications.
- Smart looking through directories for documents, locked and unlocked files.
- Opens documents directly from app.
- Notifies about forgotten unlocked files, which were left by user.
NOTICE: There is no password recovery procedure, because the password is not stored anywhere. Program checks just kind of password sum control (one way encryption).
Keep in mind that encrypted file name cannot be changed by other programs, because file locker will not able to restore original name and file remains corrupted.
Do you want to report problem, propose a new feature? Send me email, please. thx"