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game pic for ExpenseManager Name - ExpenseManager
Category - business
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 649 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 8 ratings
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Ver 1.1, for Android OS 1.6 and up

Track and manage expenses on the go.
Record your expenses, generate customized expense reports in CSV format, track multiple accounts, create unlimited categories and payment methods, monthly budgeting by account, category and payment method, backup and restore data and lots more.
1. Keep record of your Expenses on the go. Following information can be stored for each expense item: Account, Date, Description, Payment Currency, Amount Paid, Exchange Rate, Amount, Payment Method and Category.
2. Create and track expenses for an unlimited number accounts like Business, Personal, Family, etc.
3. Generate customized expense reports in CSV format, saved on memory card for integration with Excel or other spreadsheets.
4. Record expenses under different categories. Comes with 20 built-in categories and allows you to create an unlimited number of categories as per your requirements.

5. ExpenseManager allows you to enter 'Amount Paid' in any one of the 28 supported currencies and automatically calculates the 'Amount' in the home currency based on the exchange rates entered.
6. Assign a Payment Method to each expense item. Comes with 9 built-in payment methods and allows you to create an unlimited number of payment methods as per your needs.
7. Set a Monthly Budget for each Account, Category and Payment Method thus besides tracking your expenses it also works as a budgeting tool.
8. Compare actual amount spent with the allotted budget for each Account, Category or Payment Method.
9. Compare amount spent in each account with other accounts as %age of total expenses.
10. Compare amount spent in each category with other categories as %age total expenses.
11. Quick view of how you have been paying for your expenses.