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EnableM Connect java app free download

game pic for EnableM Connect Name - EnableM Connect
Category - misc.
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 4078 KB
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Ver 1.0, for j2me

This is a first of its kind application, which helps a user to speak foreign languages through translations, audio
assistance etc. The user can pick a new language of his choice and set his base language for translations,
transliterations and audio assistance. The application will be of great help while traveling abroad.
Features & Functionalities

* In-depth Language Support

Connect 1.0 contains the following languages- English, French, Chinese, Spanish Japanese, Korean, Italian,
Indonesian, Hindi, Marathi.

* Language Localization

Greetings to pleasantries, local terms to selected vocabulary, Connect 1.0 helps you to make your journey as
exciting and trouble free as possible.

* Inbuilt Support Applications

Selected versions of Connect are coming with an inbuilt ‘Travel Guide’ and other useful components like
‘Currency Converter’ & ‘World Clock’ etc.

* Methodical Content Flow

Connect 1.0 is called the ‘Language Navigator’ because it outlines your travel in a methodical way through
thoroughly portraying the content.

* Simple Navigation

The application is simple to operate and easy to fetch your information.

Tech Specs: Technology Used – JAVA

Handset Compatibility: The App is available for all the Nokia S60 handsets.

Attachment contains:

- English to Chinese
- English to Japanese
- English to Korean
- English to Spanish
- Chinese to English
- Japanese to English
- Korean to English
- Spanish to English

Tested on E66, works. Enjoy!