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game pic for Dirty Limericks Name - Dirty Limericks
Category - comics
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 858 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 9 ratings
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Ver 3.0.2, for Android OS 1.6 and up

Over 400 Dirty Limericks (not for the faint of heart!!!)
Some Limericks are clean and others...not so. These are definitely the latter. (400+)
If you are easily offended, then please do NOT download. These Limericks are crude and contain swearing. you have been warned
*Think you’re funnier; then submit your own jokes for inclusion in the app and get the credit too.
*New jokes added weekly
*Submit your own joke for inclusion in the app.
*Move to SD card (android 2.2+ only.)
*This app will remember were you are up to even if you turn off your phone or update the app
*Share with SMS/Email
*Random joke button
*Hold the left arrow to go back to the start
*Hold the right arrow to go to the end
*Link to developer’s other apps in the market
*Change the size of the text
*Change the color of the text
*Change the style of the text
*Change the background
*Rate the app
Examples of what's inside (jokes are not censored in the app):
"There was a young girl called Annie,
who had a peculiar fanny,
she went to the doc,
he said that's a c**k,
now everyone calls her Danny."
"There once was a man named Ray,
Who fashioned a c**t out of clay,
But the heat of his p***k,
Turned the clay into brick,
And tore all his foreskin away!"
"There was an old woman from Leith,
Who would circumcise men with her teeth,
It wasn`t for fame,
Or love of the game,
But to get at the cheese underneath."
"There was an old man of the port,
Whose p***k was remarkably short,
When he got into bed,
The old woman said,
"This isn't a p***k; it's a wart!""
"There once was a woman named Jill
Who swallowed an exploding pill
They found her vagina
In North Carolina
And her t**s in a tree in Brazil"
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