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Category - education
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver v3.3.0, for J2ME

DictionaryForMIDs is a flexible dictionary that can be set up with dictionaries for all languages around the world. For example it is possible to set up (= configure) DictionaryForMIDs with an English to Spanish dictionary as well as for an English to Chinese dictionary.

Beyond language dictionaries, it is possible to set up any other dictionary for DictionaryForMIDs, for example a ZIP-dictionary, a phone dictionary, a dictionary of medical terms, etc.

DictionaryForMIDs is an open source project and free software (the GPL license applies). Please note that the dictionaries that are set up for DictionaryForMIDs may have different copyrights. All dictionaries that can be downloaded from this site are free to use.

To set up a dictionary, look at the section Setting up a New Dictionary.

End users just download a DictionaryForMIDs package with the desired dictionary and install it on their cell phone or PDA or PC. Several dictionaries are provided in the section dictionaries for download.

Highlights of DictionaryForMIDs include (implemented in version 3):

* Plenty of functions and numerous customization options.
* Sophisticated search features that also allow to find phrases and use of various wildcard characters.
* Language-specific search features, that allow to find words with similar writing or pronounciation.
* Very short search time for translation thanks to elaborated index structures.
* Localization of the user interface to many languages.
* Bitmap font support for devices that do not provide the fonts for a language. E.g. Japanese letters are displayed on non-Japanese cell phone / PDA.
* Runs on a huge variety of cell phones and PDAs and also on PCs.
* Open source project and as such free SW.

Change Log :

3.3.0 (currently under implementation)

* New search option "All languages" as 'From language' in the settings dialogue: the search can be done over all languages in the dictionary, there is no more need to select a specific 'From language'.
* For dictionaries with two languages, in the settings dialogue the 'To language' is not shown anymore (only the 'From language' is shown). For dictionaries with only one searchable language, the in the settings dialogue the 'From language' is not shown anymore. Hope this makes things easier for the user.
* Updated behaviour of "Change direction" menu item: now for dictionaries with more than 2 languages the behaviour should be more comfortable (for dictionaries with 2 languages the behaviour is the same).
* Incremental search is now started with a time delay of one second after pressing a key. Reason: on some mobiles with T9 or similar input support, the letter selection got disrupted when the incremental search was started immediately after the keypress. If there still should be a problem, please report this in the DictionaryForMIDs Forum !
* Workaround for a problem with incremental search on Blackberrys.
* Spanish user interface translation update by Arsen.
* Internal improvements.

P. S : You can download several dictionaries below adress...