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Derail TopTraffic symbian app free download

game pic for Derail TopTraffic Name - Derail TopTraffic
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - Symbian s60v3
Size - 398 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 44 ratings
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Ver v1.02, for S60v3 SymbianOS.9.x Unsigned

This program will be convenient for you help during the work on the Internet.
TopTraffic can display the current Internet traffic over all the windows, its
price, information on the signal level, battery charge, as well as other
information. Ability to see the availability of affordable EDGE.

Now the traffic and the necessary information is always visible at the right
time. Colors: green - bytes, black - KB, blue - MB, red - GB. When you
move to MB and above are rounded to occupy minimal space on the
display. The program automatically determines the new connections, as
well as separation. Invisible in Task Manager. The size of the window
automatically adjusts to traffic figures.

Especially useful to subscribers of those operators, who rounded off the
traffic, as well as all those who follow the flow of traffic and its value.

Opportunities versions for Symbian 9.1-9.3 are somewhat different and
have more expanded (there magazine, accumulating traffic for the periods and much more).

Automatic determination of the emergence of a new internet connection and its termination;
Choice of options for a quick change the look of the - in the View menu, point to View window, select the appropriate options;
The ability to quickly see the time (hours);
Select the position of windows on the display;
Showing in two lines or one (a /);
Display of total traffic and its price at the same time;
Select the font;
Angle of the window;
Ability to show the border around the windows;
Text alignment;
To show the total traffic;
Red frame around the window in case of switching Internet connection on hold;
Screening indicator (panels) the level of the network, battery;
Indicator of the speed of calculation of the maximum 10 kb \ s for gprs and 30 kb \ s for the edge;
A unique indicator that determines the availability of EDGE;
You can also customize the event (notification):
For how to start rounding up to the threshold alert (predlimit);
Type of notification (color, sound, vibration);
Sound volume (you can check the sound at the selected volume directly in the settings);
The ability to automatically display the window at the entrance to predlimit (if it is hidden);
The ability to automatically hide the window when passing through the limit of rounding.
You can also adjust the tariff. These options depend on the cellular operator.
Taking into account the general or separate traffic (vhod. - ref.)
Threshold rounding traffic (limit);
Price (you can specify the size you want the traffic and its value);
Possibility to specify a privileged traffic: the night and on certain days;
To specify the range of night;
Possibility to choose the days of the week for the grace of traffic;
The program itself keeps track of the transitions at night and days of grace, at night the window background is black, but color figures - the white, while soft these days - the background is gray;
The ability to specify a monetary currency;
Ability to show the exact price based kopecks.
Register as the last access point is connected to the Internet, and all active;
Ability to hold a connection when other programs do not use it.
Customizable keyboard shortcuts:
The ability to process keyboard shortcuts only program (in the other they will not push), or all programs;
Hot keys to quickly hide and show;
Hot keys for quick change of the form window and its position and angle.
Select the type of settings:
Simple (default);
Eksprertnye - displays all available options.

Also, check your service pack (only works while you are connected) and
the ability to preview in the second tab (form) - now you do not need
every time out of the settings, to see how the window (it works if you are
connected, and before you enter the settings program worked). These
features appear when you invoke the menu.

The following languages depending on the phone interface language:
Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Czech, English

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Note : Its Show Registration Option and In About Option Show
"This Copy Is not Registered !" but its Cracked version.