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DeSpy Camera Free android apk free download

game pic for DeSpy Camera Free Name - DeSpy Camera Free
Category - multimedia
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.0 Eclair
Size - 267 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 12 ratings
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Ver 2.10, for android 2.0 and up

Take pictures like a spy, without alerting anyone or looking at the screen. Also great for taking picture single handed.
The app is completely free, no quality limitation, no trials period, no pop-up, no ads. It acquires absolute minimum set of permissions just for the purpose of taking pictures, and give you peace of mind. Countless of hours is put into making this app available free for you. Donation is appreciate.
3 Ways to use:
* Home screen widget: one click shooting with no preview, fastest way to activate. (Note: Don't move the app to SD or else you can't place it as widget. This is an Android limitation.)
* Blank screen with no backlight: Volume Key/touch anywhere to shoot, you don't even need to know where you are clicking.
* Opacity adjustable view-finder preview: Sometime you want to peek a bit.
2 Shooting Modes:
* Single shot: one picture per activation.
* Continuous shooting/Time-lapse: shoot at interval. Work even after screen is switched off.
2 Capturing Techniques:
* Frame grabbing from the preview video stream: faster reaction time, and to workaround shutter sound issue
* Normal picture taking: for fine picture quality.
* Camera
- Added "Capture From Preview Video" (Frame grabbing) operation mode for faster response and to workaround the shutter sound for certain models.
- Back or front camera selectable (Android 2.3+)
- Resolution, focus mode selectable
* Experience
- Home screen Widget - taking picture is just one click away. No preview, just shoot!
- Take picture with any touch or volume key press
- Continous shooting mode (Burst mode / Interval / Time-Lapse), works even when switched to the other app or when the screen is turn off
- Shoot picture while app is in background
- App started with brightness adjustable camera preview, or optionally full blank screen with backlight off.
- Vibration feedback for app status
- Mute all sound when app is started
- App does not go to recently used list
* Storage
- Save pictures with customized suffix
- Save location can be customized
- Optionally add pictures to gallery or not
We are not promoting illegal activities or actually spying your ex-, but this protects your rights for taking pictures and freedom of press. Please be responsible and considerate.
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