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game pic for Corporate Addressbook Name - Corporate Addressbook
Category - communication
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.6 Donut
Size - 247 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 11 ratings
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Ver 1.2.3, for Android OS 1.6 and up

Access all your contact information (GAL) from your Exchange server.
Want to lookup your colleague's information in Exchange but find your Android phone lacking?
Unfortunately the Global Address List (GAL) lookup currently available in Android is limited in functionality. It only looks up email addresses and does not return anything more. This could be frustrating when you are trying to use your phone to look up your colleague's phone number or office location.
This application looks up the GAL contact database, and returns ALL data corresponding to the contact that is available on the server. It also allows you to save the contact information retrieved to your phone for easy access.
This app supports GAL lookups on
- Exchange 2003
- Exchange 2007
- Exchange 2010
- Google Apps for Business / Education
- Zimbra
This app is NOT ad-supported and is completely free and open-source.
- Why does the app need so many permissions?
Once the app looks up a name, there are links next to the phone numbers that allow you to call or send a text to the number. In order to make these links work, the app needs the permissions to make calls and send text messages. Also in order to save the search results to your address book, the app needs to be able to access the accounts on your device and add contacts to the accounts.
- Is this app ad supported or paid?
Nopes, the app is completely free (both like beer and speech). There are no ads, and the source code is available on Google Code ( ).
- Why are you asking for my credentials? Are you trying to steal my identity
Unfortunately there is no way to access your account information that is configured on your device. The information you enter in the app stays on the device. Please feel free to audit the code if you are still worried.
- This doesn't work, how can I report an issue?
Please feel free to email me, or report an issue at